Consolidating on itunes

12-Feb-2018 11:15

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You can let i Tunes point to files and folders in their existing locations, or copy them into a file and folder structure determined by i Tunes (by default stored in "My Music/ i Tunes").To consolidate all of the tracks currently listed in the i Tunes library, select File - Organise Library.On the dialogue box that appears, click "Consolidate files," then click "OK." On the same dialogue box, you can allow i Tunes to manage music, movies and other content in its own folder structure, if it isn't doing so already.To consolidate the tracks in the i Tunes library, copy them from their existing locations (which could be in various folders and on various external drives) and place them in the library folder managed by i Tunes (listed in Edit - Advanced).

If the "Copy files to i Tunes Media folder when adding to library" option has been selected since the library was created, you don't need to consolidate tracks -- they will already be in the folder structure that i Tunes has built.You can determine where this folder is located by opening your edit menu and selecting preferences.